15 years of experience in Europe

Verdipac was incorporated in 2005 with the purpose of providing services in the Portuguese meat processing industry, namely in the agrifood industry, more specifically in what regards bovine and swine slaughter, cutting and deboning. Due to our experience and rapid growth, in 2014 we felt the need to create AXIOS, in Madrid, adding to our services the provision of butcher’s shops’ qualified professionals, in order to meet the demands and requirements of the European market.

At the invitation of our main business partner, in 2018 we began operating in the Logistics market in cooperation with the largest Portuguese hypermarket chain, being our main goal to expand our services to the European market, leveraging the synergies and the credibility we have accumulated in the agrifood industry for more than fifteen years of proven know-how and professionalism.

We provide the necessary human resources to support the warehouse logistics value chain. We are experienced in the areas of PBL Organisation, Verification and Packaging, Receipt and Dispatch PBS. We also manage the whole Cargo Handling process (loading/unloading). Our employees, depending on their area of expertise, are trained/certified in the operation of (regular and retractable) forklifts.


Our mission is to establish enduring partnerships with our clients and employees, forming teams based on the values of respect and trust.
We follow a distinctive recruitment method so as to engage highly qualified workers, with profiles matching the specific needs of each client.
We carefully meet each of our clients’ defined specifications for the handling of raw materials.


We are your trustworthy partner!




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Axios Group in percentage

Our activity in Europe

Due to the increasing workflow and growth of our Portuguese company Verdipac, in 2014 emerged the need to create Axios – Recursos Humanos, SL, based in Madrid, to meet the demand of new customers from Spain, Belgium, France and Switzerland. In 2018, we expanded our services and competences in the area of Logistics in Portugal.

Portugal 58%
Belgium 20%
Spain 12%
France and Switzerland 10%

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